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We worked closely with U2Guide to enhance the platform’s users’ online experience and improve its social impact. id.real also developed a warmer brand identity & web presence to better communicate the core values.

U2Guide and id.real embarked in an expedition to re-define the brand identity and its visual counterpart, as well as the service offered on the website. After the research jointly conducted, id.real rebuilt the identity based on the brand’s values: trust, transparency, and hope -that last one depicted by the line of the horizon. The warm colors also help users to connect with the human side of the organization.

U2Guide logo
Color palette

Travelers want to experience new amazing things, and, thanks to technology, they expect immediacy. The website is not only responsive: it has been totally ideated to be open a window to the world from your smartphone.

your travel experience

A totally digital pocket-sized tourist guide with a social impact, U2Guide allows users to directly connect with local guides and pick the NGOs.

U2Guide logo

Traveling experience by the users

U2Guide is for people: the travelers, the local guides and the people benefiting from the NGOs’ work. Each detail in the platform has been developed to enhance the gaining of all these stakeholders. U2Guide allows explorers to discover secrets while giving back to the community -without any additional cost of time or money. The service designed included the improvement of navigation and the distribution of tasks within the site, as well as a better payment and service voting gateway.

U2Guide website
U2Guide logo
U2Guide logo

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