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Multifunctional tableware pieces to fit different types of food and dining experiences, fostering food sharing while reducing the storage space. A piece of art for the table and your home.

Enhancing the dining experience through multifunctionality Platoos Tableshare is a collection of tableware that rethinks tradition. Developed with users, id.real prototyped and tested the collection until reaching the perfect complement: multifunctional, ergonomic, with the best materials. Platoos consists of different pieces that adapt to your needs and fit in one to be discreet in your wardrobe or be the star of the table. Our tableware collection has been awarded with prestigious design awards, endorsing id.real’s co-creation methodology.

Core77 Award
IDA Design Award
European Product Design Award
A' Design Award
Platoos color scheme


The rules of the game have changed: save time and space; power your most creative side -alone or in the best company. Combine it with an entertaining chat with your family and friends or use it while you grow your favorite hobbies, like reading a book or watching TV on the couch. Mix it with the grandmother's china or with that Swedish pottery, no complexes. Platoos Tableshare, one of the first products developed by id.real, has been created with users to fit their needs.

Platoos color scheme
Vertical mosaic
Platoos o letter
Platoos color variations

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