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We designed an entertaining, fun, versatile and innovative beach toy. Its inter-connectable parts and special joint allow kids to assemble the pieces at their will encouraging their imagination.

Forms with endless possibilities to build with sand and snow. Total creativity! Easy to store, clean and carry. Kebrick has been created with pedagogues and the best experts in fun and imagination: boys and girls. Following the co-creation process, we tested and improved the prototypes until reaching the perfect three Kebrick forms: the sturdy square, the lime green triangle & the energetic pink round. Kebrick has been awarded with prestigious design awards, which endorses id.real co-creation methodology.

Reddot Award
IDA Design Award
European Product Design Award
A' Design Award
Kebrick color scheme
three pieces
square triangle circle halves
kebrick blue piece
kebrick set

Kebrick adapts to the child's age.

Kebrick is a toy with which the child controls the game experience since it offers the right level of difficulty that each one can face to keep the fun constant and avoid unnecessary frustration. In addition, the results will be different if you play alone or in group (being friends, siblings, parents or grandparents, you name it!). The kid’s feat will be as easy or difficult, as simple or complicated as the child decides.

bag kid
kebrick profile pieces

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