Branding Digital Design & Development

The collaboration with EDPR has multiple facets and one common goal: to energize the brand’s identity in the digital communications and develop a web presence matching the Portuguese company’s bold personality.

id.real has teamed up with the EDP Renováveis in a myriad of projects, all based on digital design and development following the company’s character and style. Sometimes by repurposing the traditional print editorial presence, others by creating a whole new digital environment, the collaboration between the energy company and id.real has allowed making accessible the valuable information to consumers.


Our challenge was to create the #EnergyTalks 2017 & 2018 web-based platforms to drive the transition toward renewable energy. How? By creating a contemporary, clean, and crisp identity that harmonizes both with EDPR and the energy transition that represents. The site’s robust look and feel echoes these traits -whereas keeps an easy navigability and user-friendly approach.

EDPR logo

Annual report 2017

One of the keys for success is to have clients that trust you -and to get there, transparency and accountability are paramount. EDP Renovais knows that well, therefore they partnered with us to design their annual activity report ensuring the relevant data and results were easily-accessible for consumers clients, and partners. id.real ensured the multimedia and interactive report mirrors the company’s values while facilitating navigability and content search.

id.real created the digital platform by adapting EDPR’s physical style manual and reinterpreting it for the digital environment. To keep the continuity with previous reports, the site follows the editorial set up and adds a strong presence of images to agilize readability. The minimalist design enhances the already intuitive navigation. And, of course, the corporate colors are present in the whole setting following the path set by the work with the #EnergyTalks2017.

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