What makes our heart beat


At id.real we know that to succeed, the first steps must be firm. That’s why we always work with you to define what you really need and the best way to conquer the challenge. How? By listening and empathizing with all stakeholders and, then, embracing disruption and innovation to achieve the most effective result.


The destination is as important as the road; similarly, the customer journey must be as smooth and pleasant as possible. Accordingly, id.real helps you to enrich every step of your interaction with your customers, improving the relationship with them and creating a memorable experience.


An image can be worth a thousand words. At id.real is not a saying, it is the reality. We transform ideas, concepts, and values into relevant visual representations for your branding and digital design & development, shaping and improving the user experience. Our visual proposals will always transmit your core message while catching the attention of your audience.


id.real implements the cycle of designing a digital or physical product from concept to the production-ready stage. We work both for internal and client-based projects always focusing on the problem to solve and developing a reliable outcome that balances art & technology.


By understanding the users’ behavior, we’ll plan and execute a proposal that will boost the space’s potential while fulfilling the project’s requirements. id.real optimizes the spaces by creating functional places while bringing out the personality of your home, business or office.


We, id.realists, are a very motley crew. We come in all shapes, sizes & colors. We are from the South, North, East, and West. We eat, breathe and sleep design. Daring to look at the world through a different prism, we conceive ground-breaking yet efficient solutions. Always enjoying the ride.

Anouk de Lesparda

CEO / Creative Director

Lina Ruiz Mingote

Chief Operations Officer

Ana Martín

Talent & Culture Officer

José A. Montenegro

CDO / Lead Strategist

Sandra Gallego

New Business Lead

Fabio Molinas

Senior Product Designer

Zoe Guo

Senior Interior Designer

Laia Ruiz Mingote

Communication Lead

Santiago Criado Ruiz

Construction Site Director

Our studio

Art is the spark of creativity that often inspires design, welcoming new perspectives. The symbiosis between art and design is beyond doubt: both can help interpret, transform, and enhance our lives. Because of that, we dedicate an art-space to this fruitful relationship, our Becurious Gallery.

Becurious Gallery hosts different exhibitions to invite us to discover others’ points of view, crossing borders between disciplines and encouraging creativity. Artists, especially emerging ones, will be able to have a unique and welcoming space for their creations and stimulate our curiosity. This non-profit initiative is part of id.real’s #becurious movement. We share the principles of co-creation, multidisciplinarity and the illusion to promote art and design in our daily life.